Stars of «Astana Piano passion» light up on another continent!

Stars of «Astana Piano passion» light up on another continent!

International Youth Festival and Contest «The Cliburn Junior Competition» in the United States ended in victory for Shuan Hern Lee, Ji Won Yang, and Eva Gevorgyan.

All the names of the winners are well known to all of us at the Astana Piano Passion and Grand Competition, whose art director is People’s Artist of Russia Denis Matsuev. We have been watching the music career of young pianists with trembling for more than a year. Young pianists surprised from the very tender age. And they continue to amaze listeners not only with their magnificent performance but also with their professional growth.

A brilliant stage appearance and a well-deserved award at the Cliburn Junior Competition this year is logical and in keeping with their skills. They have done an excellent job at Astana Piano Passion. Since the first competition in 2013, they have entered the stage of various youth competitions and has become their finalists and winners successfully.
Shuan Hern Lee from Australia participated in the first Astana Piano Passion competition in 2013 (he was 10 years old then) and became its winner in the junior group. Eva Gevorgyan is a laureate of Astana Piano Passion (2017, II Prize and Audience Award), a student of the Central Music School at the Moscow Conservatory named after P. I Tchaikovsky. Yang Jiwon is the winner of the contest Astana Piano Passion 2015 — 2 prize / 2 prize in the middle group.

The organizing committee of Astana Piano Passion congratulates the winners and hopes to continue to enjoy their success in the future.

Note, the Cliburn Junior Competition for pianists aged 13 to 17 years passed from 31 MAY- 8 JUNE 2019. The first international youth competition and the Cliburn Festival was held June 21-28, 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas.

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